Samson AirLine 77 Guitar AF1

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Samson AirLine 77 Guitar AF1

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AirLine takes the concept of wireless to new heights with transmitters so small and lightweight, they are nearly invisible, providing a true wireless experience with no cables or beltpacks. For such small and inconspicuous transmitters, we developed new proprietary technology, featuring miniaturized circuitry that provides significantly improved wireless reception and sound quality. The revolutionary AirLine "plug-in" guitar transmitters come in two versions: the AF1 for Strat®-style inputs and the AG1 for traditional Gibson®-style end-mount inputs as well as all others. Less than half the size of conventional beltpacks, these miniaturized transmitters run on a single AAA battery with 14 hours of battery life. Both transmitters offer an array of on-board features: A Power On/Off, red/green LED for Power On/Off and an Input Level control for different pickups. And UHF (Ultra High Frequency) means clearer frequencies with less interference. Designed for use with your compact effect pedals, the AP1 pedal receiver provides reception you can always depend on. It features a 1/4" output jack, Power switch, Peak LED and a Volume control. You can use a 9-volt battery or an AC adapter to power the receiver and when you unplug the unit, the battery is disabled to conserve power.

Parameter und Spezifikation


863,125 MHz


50 Hz - 15 kHz





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Inklusive Netzteil


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Receiver AP1, Transmitter AF1,

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