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Roland DJ-707M

DJ Controller und Software | Produkt Code: DJ-707M | ID: 315645

Roland DJ-707M

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Roland DJ-707M

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Der DJ-707M nutzt den DSP der digitalen Audiokonsolen von Roland, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie den lautesten und saubersten Sound liefern - egal ob mit Ihrem eigenen oder dem bereits vorhandenen PA-System. Was auch immer der Auftritt sein mag, Ihre Kunden werden sich dank unerwarteter Funktionen wie Laptop-Abstürzen, überraschenden Gastdarstellern, Videofilm-Feeds und schmerzhaften Audioproblemen wie Feedback an einen großartigen Sound erinnern.

Mit den 10 Onboard-Szenen können Sie Einstellungen für die Weiterleitung von Audiodaten, die Lautsprecherverwaltung und die Systemeinstellungen vornehmen und diese sofort abrufen. Szenen sind eine enorme Zeitersparnis für Standard-Event-Konfigurationen, da Sie Einstellungen für Ihre verschiedenen Lautsprechersysteme ändern und benutzerdefinierte Setups für Veranstaltungsorte aufrufen können, an denen Sie regelmäßig spielen.

Eine weitere Beschreibung in Ihrer Sprache ist leider noch nicht verfügbar. Die Beschreibung auf Englisch könnte Ihnen vielleicht helfen.
  • Master, booth, and zone outputs all have independent loudspeaker management settings, including four-band EQ, multiband compression, limiter, and mono mode. It’s like having three speaker management processors built into one unit.
  • Feedback at a gig is dangerous as it can ruin a special speech or even plague the whole event. Built-in feedback suppression listens out for feedback—and even anticipates it—before adjust¬ing the speaker output automatically.
  • Connect two computers at once for a backup laptop connection or seamless DJ changeover. The USB B port also works as a standard USB audio interface.
  • When an event includes a guest musician or performer, you can easily plug them into the front-facing dual 1/4-inch jacks or 1/8-inch stereo aux input without disrupting your DJ configuration.
  • The fully assignable zone output with dedicated level control is ideal for creating a separate mix for a videographer, sending different music to another area of the venue, or even adding a subwoofer.
  • The compact DJ-707M is packed with more specifications than bulkier controllers that don’t fit in tight DJ booths and are hard to transport without an equipment van.
  • You can’t work if your DJ controller isn’t working. Which is why the DJ-707M is built for life on the road, with rugged, reinforced metal parts both inside and out.
  • The DJ-707M’s size fits perfectly between turntables and DJ media players. And it’s DVS ready, so you can use it as the ultimate mobile DJ mixer with your component setup.
  • Mic Check 1, 2…3 & 4
  • DJs know that really rocking an event means sounding great on the mic. The DJ-707M’s mic section is designed to handle any situation, from straightforward speeches and announcements to auto-tuned karaoke throwdowns.
  • With the DNA of a profes¬sional audio console, the DJ-707M features studio-quality microphone preamps with independent gain, low-cut, and noise gate on each channel.
  • Individual on/off, level, three-band EQ, and effect controls let you get the exact right sound for each microphone. And with dedicated hardware effects from clean re¬verbs and delays to key-based auto-pitching and auto-ducking, you have total command over your vocal sounds.
  • For flexibility when you need it, the front-facing aux inputs can be used with microphones—just flip the switch to MIC for the correct level and impedance. This gives you a total of four mic inputs, enough for the whole party to sing along!
  • After all the event planning, set up, speeches, and introductions, you still need to rock the spot and get the crowd dancing. The DJ-707M lets you fully express your skills as a DJ, combining deep Serato DJ Pro integration with creative tools that you’ll only find on Roland DJ controllers.
  • With full Serato DJ Pro support, you can use hot cues, loops, rolls, pitch play, slicer, and more. Serato DJ Pro also comes with iZotope audio effects to stylize your sound with simple one-knob control.
  • Work the perfect scratch or smoothest blend using the rugged crossfader with full-range curve settings and software-adjustable crossfader margin.
  • Roland’s pristine-sounding hardware effects can be assigned individually to the dedicated Filter/FX knob on each channel, and include Filter, Dub Echo, Jet, Noise, Reverb, Delay, Bit Crush, Phaser, and Noise 2.
  • There’s a Roland TR drum machine tucked away on Deck 3, so you can accent your songs with classic TR-808 and 909 drum loops or even provide a backing beat for instrumentalists. Setting Deck 4 to OSC lets you drop sweepers, synth stabs, and other onboard DJ sound effects to spice up a mix.

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